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Boni in Paris early
Hi guys, well the old blog has been slow off the presses this week. Too much work in the Lobby to get on with, wpradio.co.uk new interviews are now on site. Caroline Spelman MP Chair of the Conservative Party on our Home section talking about introducing new laws to combat stalking. She is a first rate politician with a real sense of values towards women’s issues. Do listen. Then we have Sandra Gidley the Liberal Democrat’s health spokesperson on our International Section talking about the Millennium Development Goals 5 and 6 on women’s health. So good to meet these female politicians and be able to conduct intelligent women’s page style discussions where you actually learn something about their work rather than barracking them from the sidelines all the time. Sandra is so committed to women’s and men’s health issues here and internationally. Just go to wpradio.co.uk and let us know what you think. Ellie, would love to hear your views as a fellow political journo elleeseymour.com


2 Responses

  1. Hi Boni, I enjoyed the interviews. I know Cons women have been campaigning on this very important issue, well done for raising it again.

  2. thanks Ellee, yes Conservative women are making a significant contribution to the important debates for women in our time, so to speak. I certainly admire Caroline Spelman, Theresa May and others for the hard work they are putting in on all.

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