Anne Begg MP gets my vote

Erm, Do listen to Anne Begg, MP for Aberdeen South, speak on Women’s Parliamentary Radio, about her experiences as a physically disabled MP in Westminster. She is to be the Vice-Chair of a new conference called the “Speaker’s Conference” in Westminster which aims to improve the representation of women, ethnic people and disabled people.

Anne came to Parliament as one of the so called Blair’s Babes, in 1997, and can you imagine she remembers when disabled people had to ride in the baggage compartments of trains! Who said 90 years since women first got he vote, that progress was well, a little on the slow side. It might seem so, but when all those years are rolled into a line, the achievements are really signifcant. It’s been a really informative series to work on throughout the year for, with women MPs across party, and a great privilege for me to work so closely with so many of them for the past five years. The energy they have transfers to us when we speak to them, and along with the others who have worked with me on, we want to thank them for trying to make the lives of women in all walks of life better. The suffragettes might even have

NPG launch

NPG launch

said a thank you too! This photo was taken at the National Portrait Gallery when we launched our four photos of women MPs party by party to mark 90 years since women first got the vote. Hopefully, it will tour schools next year. If you have some spare time at Christmas, you can try naming the women MPs here who attended. No prizes, and funds much needed to continue for another year!


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  1. Congratulations on your OBE. Well done. And a very Happy New Year 🙂

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