Women and the recession…

Boni in Paris early

Boni in Paris early


www.wpradio.co.uk has started off a new series in 2009 on “Women and the recession” – a time to reflect on how the glue of family life revolves around women as mothers, bread winners and carers but how they are often in vulnerable positions in the job market. So far we have talked to Maria Miller MP for the Conservatives on family issues, and Emily Thornberry MP for Labour, who was brought up in a single parent household herself.   Maria wants more social policy family proofed while Emily would like to see Child Benefit increased to help families who are struggling. But also listen to Dr Noreena Hertz, of the CIBAM Judge Business School in Cambridge, who has broadened out the issue of families and the global recession to think about how we all need to adjust and adapt our lifestyles and move from what she calls “gucci” capitalism to “co-operative” capitalism. Well, let’s get down to the allotment, throw away those high heels and go back to the fields as hunters and gatherers…erm, well perhaps working and acting collectively will help to empower us all. Listening to the voices of others on www.wpradio.co.uk can be therauptic in itself.

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