Four women PPCs fighting for one seat Brighton Pavilion!


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April 26th 2010

Four women PPCs fighting for one seat Brighton Pavilion!

There’s one seat that in all likelihood is going to return a woman MP. Brighton Pavilion has four women PPCs contesting the seat and one man.

Linda Fairbrother our reporter cycled off in search of these four women Prospective Parliamentary Candidates.  First she stood by the sea and talked to LD Bernadette Millam and then Nancy Platts for Labour, who is fighting to retain the seat for her Party who had a 35 per cent majority.

Linda then cycled up the hill to talk to Charlotte Vere Conservative, and Caroline Lucas, the Green Party Candidate and the Leader of her party, standing in a seat the Greens hope to win.

Nigel Carter is also standing for UKIP.

Nancy Platts Lab said: “Labour has done a lot for women, affordable child care, extended maternity leave, we have made a lot of difference to people’s lives.  People do forget what we have done, and when they complain about MPs expenses, I remind them about what Labour has achieved.

“When Gordon visited us last week children at the local school stood up to applaud him and at the seafront people were hanging over the railings to shake his hand, he got a warm reception. Gordon was one of the driving forces behind tackling child poverty and child care issues. Our policies on childcare, tax credits, extended maternity leave, work life balance policies, equal rights for part-time workers we have made a tremendous difference to people’s lives.

”I am very proud of the four women standing, I was a board member of Fawcett and the fact Millicent Fawcett used to live here; it is quite interesting that this is the place we have an all women line-up. The fact Labour had all women short-lists and got more women in has meant we have had more policies for women and these have made a big difference to a lot of women’s lives.

“The fight is between Labour and the Tories in Brighton Pavilion and people understand that, I am very optimistic that our vote is holding up.”

Charlotte Vere Cons said: “I don’t think anybody can claim they are winning Brighton Pavilion, who knows? On the door people still hold loyalties from previous times and I would say it is a three way marginal, Labour, Conservative and perhaps Green, but I would put them the least likely of the three.”

Bernadette Millam LD said: ”I don’t think the voters are thinking we have all female candidates here, they are just thinking who can do the best for them? Campaigning at the weekend the amount of support we are getting with whistles and car horns, we have never seen that before.

“People are thinking why not have a LD government, it will be the voters who decide at this election. People just want something different, they are worried about their jobs, MPs expenses and greedy bankers, these are the main issues here.

“ If you have something to offer that is what makes a difference, standing up for what you believe in and gaining people’s trust that is what makes a difference whether you are male or female, but usually women don’t have the confidence to do it, but if I can you can.”

Caroline Lucas Green said: “A win for the Greens is very realistic. In the local elections of 2007 we had more councillors than any other party, and in the European Elections of 2009 we got double the vote of Labour and 6,000 ahead of the Tories. An ICN poll in December put the Greens 8 per cent ahead of the Conservatives and 10 per cent ahead of Labour.  We have more councillors, people know our policies and they want to vote for them.”

Ms Lucas said Westminster needed more women in the “Mother of Parliaments”:

“I think the current political system is deeply off-putting for women, the leader debates with the three men wearing those dark suits and the primary difference being the colour of their ties! It is important to me as a woman at Westminster to stand up for some of the women’s issues, like childcare, public transport, the pay gap and more women in the boardrooms. Being more co-operative and less competitive is important. ”


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