www.wpradio talks to Carolyn Quinn Chair of the Parliamentary Press Gallery – the first woman!

Women’s Parliamentary Radio
July 6th 2011

http://www.wpradio talks to Carolyn Quinn Chair of the Parliamentary Press Gallery – the first woman!

“The Burma Road “ – Our intrepid reporter Linda Fairbrother takes a tour of the press gallery fondly known as “The Burma Road” with Carolyn Quinn.

Carolyn is well known as presenter of the The Westminster Hour on Radio 4 on Sunday evenings at 10.00pm. Our audience will also recognise her voice as the presenter of the weekday PM in Eddie Mair’s absence, she’s presented on Today too!

Carolyn began on The Irish Post, then she was selected for a BBC local radio trainee scheme, then she worked for Radio Solent, before moving on to the local radio desk for the BBC at Westminster. She became a political correspondent in 1994.

Carolyn tells Linda:

“Women weren’t allowed into the Press Gallery. In the 1890s they declared: “The consequences would have been too difficult to conceive.” Then two women sat in the press gallery to cover Nancy Astor taking her seat as the first woman MP in 1919! It took another 26 years before woman took up permanent reporting posts in the Gallery. “

Thanks Carolyn for the tour and for the history, you can learn more by listening.
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